Form W-2

This page includes:
- How to add Form W-2 to the return.
- Entering information into the Form W-2 Input Page.
- Statutory Employee options.
- Troubleshooting Common System Errors.
- System Limitations.

Add Form W-2

Select "Income".

Click "Add Income Form".

Locate and select Form W-2 from the list of income forms.

Once there is a Form W-2 entered and saved, you will see Form W-2 listed under "Income" when you expand the list. 

 W-2 Income Page: 

Employer Identification Number (EIN): 
Enter the Employer Identification Number (EIN) and then Save & Continue. 

 Click the "pencil" to edit the Employer Identification Number.

To change the address fields to a Foreign Employer Address click on "To enter a foreign address, click here".

Select Save and Continue when done.

Form W-2 Input Page:

Enter the information from Form W-2 into the corresponding boxes on screen.
  • Do not enter a Form W-2 from a previous year. 
  • Do not enter a Form W-2 that has VOID checked.
To change the ownership of the W-2, click within the Employee Social Security box.   


To return to the Employer's EIN, Name, or Address  Click the pencil next to section you want to open. 
The employee's Address will automatically have the address that was entered into the personal information section. 
Click on a pencil in the Employee Address section to edit this.

 Statutory Employee's

 Statutory Employees can carry the Form W-2 income to Schedule C, by checking this box.
Statutory Employee must be checked in Box 13 of the Form W-2 for the wages to be carried to Schedule C.

 Troubleshooting System Errors:

Any Errors will generate once Save & Continue is selected. You will be unable to Save the Form W-2 until the error is    corrected.  Depending  on the issue creating the system error, most errors can be corrected but not all. See system limitations below for  such  cases.

Common Errors:

ISSUE: There is an error with an amount entered. You will have one or boxes that are red. 
This will occur anytime a Form W-2 has two states included and state income between the two is higher than the federal amount Also if the Social Security Tax or Medicare Tax does not match the applicable wage amount. Do not change the amount the Form W-2 has. This error helps from entry mistakes made in amount entered. You will be able to save any amount entered correctly that generated the error. 

Complete the following steps for each box that is red. 
    - Click on the box that is red, this will open a different entry box. 
    - If there was a mistake in the amount, enter the correct amount then select done.
    - If the amount is correct, check the ignore box, then select done.

Once finished, select Save and Continue.

IMPORTANT: You will be required to complete these steps each time this page is opened (ex.entering the employer or employee info section, or returning to page).

ISSUE: State withholding amount not on state return - This does not populate a error. 
    - When a Form W-2 is entered with state withholding and the state return does not include the amount. 
      Open the applicable Form W-2 page and verify the correct state has been selected from the drop-down menu.

 System Limitations:
This system does not support the following, if you have a Form W-2 that has the following, you will be unable to use this system.
- Box 1 of Form W-2 does not have an amount - The system will not allow a Form W-2 to be entered without an amount in Box 1. You will receive a system error, 
  and not be able to Save the page. 
- (3) or more states on one Form W-2 - You will not be able to use this system if one Form W-2 has more than (2) States. 

IMPORTANT: If you have more than one Form W-2 from the same employer, and only one of the Form W-2's has amounts in boxes 1-14. And the remaining 
Form W-2(s) only includes state information. Please contact our office, this is something that would need to be reviewed to determine if this is an actual system limitation or if they can be treated as two separate Form W-2(s).