Dependent(s) and Household Member(s) Page & Qualifying Credits

This page includes information on the Dependent and Household Members Page. This page includes the following:
  • Adding Dependents/Household Members.
  • Determining Qualifying Dependents.
  • Dependent with Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement.
  • Dependent Education Tax Credits/Tuition & Fees Deduction.
  • Child Tax Credit/Additional Child Tax Credit.
  • Earned Income Credit. 
  • Child and Dependent Care Credit. 
  • Troubleshooting Common Issues.

 Add the "Dependent and Household Member Information" Page to the Return:

Click "Basic Info" from the list to expand the pages in this section.

 Select the "Filing Status Information".  

The Dependent and Household Member Page question is within the "Filing Status Information" Page.

Do you have Dependents and Household Members? 
Select "Yes", and then click "Save and Continue". The Dependent & Household Member Page will open after the Taxpayer Information/Spouse Information page are completed.

IMPORTANT:  Dependents will not carry over to the return unless this question is answered "Yes".

     To view or make changes select.

To remove a dependent/household member 
Caution: Delete can not be undone, you will lose all information for that entry.

      -Add New- 
       To create new listing.