Federal & State Amendments

This page includes information on how to prepare a Federal Amendment Form 1040-X and preparing State Amendments in the program.  

Refer to the IRS Form 1040-X Instructions, or the applicable State Amendment Instructions.

Navigation Page:

Select "Amend the Federal Return" located on the Navigation Page to begin.

The Amendment Link will only be available once all tax returns filed and accepted. 

If a State Return has not been filed with the Federal Return, the state return must be either filed and accepted, or removed from the account, to access the Federal Amendment.  

Amendment Page: 

Starting Tax Year 2016 State Amendments are supported.
Changes from prior Amendment Process Include:
  • Step 2 reflects both the required Federal Amendment Details and required State Amendment Details.
  • Step 4 will have the Federal Amendment including all updated Forms/Schedules & State Amendment including all updated state Forms/Schedules.      

Check the box and select "Continue". 

See the IRS Federal Amendment Form 1040-X Instructions or applicable State Amendment Instructions for detailed information on when to file an amendment.

Step 1: Make Changes

Check the box "Amend the Return" to start the amendment.

Note: You will not be able to begin or edit other returns until the amendment is complete. 

To leave the amendment and return to the Navigation Page select "Exit the Amendment". 

Step 2: Continued

The Amendment begins by unlocking the return. 

Changes made will not change the Federal Tax Return, State Tax Return, along with the Forms/Schedules that were filed with the original return(s). 
The filed forms are still available in the "Print Completed Forms and Documents" link on the Navigation Page.

Select "Done" to exit. This does not complete the Amendment, changes can still be made at a later time. 

(The picture above does not reflect an actual return, the Federal Return must reflect the "Accepted" Status). 

Step 2: Federal Details Page

Extension Payment:
Enter amount of payment sent with a filed extension.

Tax Paid:
Enter the amount paid with the original return, along with any payments made after filing.   

Explanation of Changes to Income, Deductions, and Credits:

When the original return included an overpayment (expected refund), that amount will be carried over automatically. 

Warning: If the original return was adjusted by the IRS, and the overpayment amount was changed, you must enter this amount in manually.

Enter the reason for the amendment, include details on what was changed and amounts (if applicable). 

Step 2: State Details Page:

Each State has a State Details Page, the amount of information required is different for each state.      

Original State Overpayment (expect refund) from filed return does not carryover automatically. You must enter the amount yourself. 
Generally, this amount will be on the filed state return. Select "Print Completed Forms and Documents" on the Navigation Page to view the State Return "as filed".

Step 3: Final Check

Enter the Amendment and verify all changes are made and correct.

Step 4: Print Amendment Forms

This is the last step. The return is locked, edits can not be made, and the Amendment is complete. .

You will need to contact Customer Service in the event an amendment needs to be unlocked for editing,   
The first unlock is free, there is a $35.00 fee for an additional unlock. 

Select "Print Amendment Forms" and click "Continue".