How do I set up return pricing?

Click 'My Account'

Dashboard / My Accountr

Click 'Return Pricing'

Return Pricing Set-Up (Step 2)

Set-Up Your Return Pricing and Click 'Save"

Return Pricing Set-Up (Step 3)

If your user name has privileges, you should be able to modify Your Pricing
    1) Hourly Rate Billing
    2) Sales Tax Rate
    3) Form Based Billing

1. Hourly Rate Billing
    If you wish to charge your client on an hourly-based, then type in the amount as indicated. This amount will be 
    your default price per hour spent working on a client's return. 

2. Sales Tax Rate
    Indicate the percentage you wish to charge your client for sales tax. Leave this blank if sales tax does not apply in    
    your jurisdiction. 

3. Form Based Billing
    You may set a default pricing for either federal or state form by selecting on the drop down menu next to Federal or 
    State Default. On the left, you will see a list of forms that can be included in a return. On the right-hand side, you can 
    see column for Number Free and Price Each. Number Free field is to set a number of forms you are offering your 
    clients for free. Price Each will be the amount charged after all the free forms have been used. For instance, you may 
    want to charge a certain amount for each W-2 form if the taxpayer has more than two such forms.  

Also note the drop down menu that will allow you to change to a specific State vs Federal. This will allow you to price specific state forms.