Other Income: Additional Income Including Social Security Benefits Page

Additional Income Including Social Security Benefits Page includes most income listed here will carry to Line 21 of Form 1040 as "Other Income".

 Add this page by selecting  "Income" to  display a list of income forms in your return. 
Next, click "Add Income Form" and a list of all available income Forms and Schedules will display.

Click on 'Additional Income Including Social Security Benefits" to open page.

Once the page is added. You will see it included in your list of Income Forms (picture shown above).


Add this page to include:

Form SSA-1099 Social Security Benefits Income

Form RRB-1099 Railroad Retirement Benefits

State or Local Income Tax Refunds (not reported on Form 1099-G)

Form 1040 Line 21 Income

Taxable Grants and Scholarships (not reported on Form 1099-G)

Gambling Winnings (not reported on Form W2-G)

Union Strike Benefits

Household Employee Income (under $1,900)

Personal Property Rental Expenses

Alaskan Permanent Fund

Net Operating Loss (NOL) Carryover/Carryforward (enter as positive number)

Other Income (Limit 3)

Include a Description of income, Amount,  choose option that applies to income as to how system should treat this income from the list of SE Taxable Income Definitions.

Common Types of Other Income:
Jury Duty Fees
Prizes & Awards
Cancelled Debts
Long Term Care Contracts

Enter any Form 1099-Misc’s with a Foreign Payer’s Address in as Other Income.