The Navigation Page; Begin/Edit Tax Return, Federal/State Amendment, Federal Extension, Print Return(s), Upload Documents, Customer Service, & more.

The Navigation Page is the first page you see when you enter the return.

The following tasks are accessed from here:

  • Begin a New Return
  • Edit a Return in Progress
  • Add a State Return
  • Federal/State Amendment
  • Federal Extension
  • Get eFile Status
  • Print Completed Forms & Documents (Tax Return(s))
  • Upload Documents
  • Get Customer Service
    • Free - Secure Email
    • Paid - Phone Support

Account Maintenance: 
Edit Bank Product Application - Once the Federal Return is Filed, the Bank Application is unavailable to edit within the return. To enter the Bank Application use this link.

Resubmit Bank Product Application - When edits have been made to a Bank Application, resubmit by clicking here. Banks have specific guidelines that must be followed for resubmitting bank applications. Contact your bank for more information.   

Edit Taxpayer Permissions - Email your Client a link to their return. Choose if they can View Only, View and Print, or allow them to make changes to the return. These can be changed at anytime.