Schedule A; Itemized Deductions

  Medical and Dental Expenses
 - Health Insurance Premiums
 - Prescription Costs/Co-Pays
 - Only the part of Medical/Dental expenses that exceeds
  10% of you Federal AGI is deductible. 7.5% if 65 or older.

 Taxes You Paid (State/Local/Foreign)
 - Income Taxes
 - Real Estate Taxes
 - Personal Property Taxes
 - General Sales Tax
 - You can elect Income Taxes OR General Sales Taxes. 
   You cannot deduct both.

 Interest You Paid
 Form 1098 Mortgage Interest Statement
 - Home Mortgage Interest
 - Home Mortgage Points
 - Home Mortgage Insurance Premiums

 Investment Interest
 - Form 4952 Investment Interest Expense Deduction
 - Schedule K1 Investment Income/Interest/Expenses


  Charitable Contributions
 - Cash/Checks
 - Noncash Donations (clothes, furniture, etc.) 
 - Form 8283 will attach depending on entries
   Volunteer Work

 Unreimbursed Employee Expenses (Form 2106)
 - Work Uniforms
 - Protective Gear (hard hat, gloves, etc.)
 - Union Dues/Fees

 Miscellaneous Deductions (line 23)
 - Tax Preparation Fees
 - Legal/Accounting Fees
 - Custodial Fees

 Other Miscellaneous Deductions (line 28)
 - Gambling Losses;up to winnings included in income
 - Schedule K-1 Portfolio Income

 Casualty, Disaster & Theft Losses
 Including Federally Declared Disaster Areas
 - Form 4684 Casualties & Thefts