Schedule E: Part III Income or Loss from Estates & Trusts.

This information is not tax advise. This page includes information on entering income to be reported on Schedule E, Part III  Income/Loss from Estates and Trusts. Any specific tax information is given as a reference to using the program.
See IRS Schedule E Instructions for more information.

If you will be treating the items differently than stated on Schedule K-1(s) and you are required file Form 8082, you can not use this system.

Adding Fiduciary (Estates & Trusts) Listing Page:

Both the "Fiduciary (Estates & Trusts) Listing Page " and the "Schedule E" are listed in the Income Forms. Choose the applicable option to meet your needs.

Generally, if you are a beneficiary of a Estate or Trust, you are required to report your part of the income regardless if this income was received or not
(Per IRS Schedule E Instructions Part III).

Entering the Information:

This Estate or Trust Listing Belongs to:
Select who this income belongs to (Taxpayer or Spouse).

Name of the Estate or Trust:
Enter the name of the Estate or Trust.

Check Box if you have AMT Items:
If you have Alternative Minimum Tax in association with this income, check this box. 

It is the users responsibility to complete Form 6521 to include income from Estates and Trusts (when applicable).                           
Per the IRS Schedule E Instructions:
You must take into account your share of preferences and adjustments from these entities for the                                Alternative Minimum Tax on Form 6251.

Employer Identification Number (EIN):
Enter the Federal Identification Number.

Passive Income:

Passive Amounts:

Passive Loss Amount:
Enter as a positive number.

Passive Income Amount:
Enter the gross amount before adjustment for Passive Activity Losses.

Unallowed Previous Year PAL:
Enter any Prior Year Unallowed Passive Activity Loss:

Non-Passive Income:

Non-Passive Amounts:

Non-Passive Loss Amount:
Enter as a positive number.

Non-Passive Income Amount:
Enter your Non-Passive income amounts here.

Estimated Taxes:

Estimated Taxes Paid:
Enter amount of Estimated Taxes credited to You from the Trust or Estate (Form 1041, Schedule K-1, box 13, code A).