Troubleshooting: American Opportunity Credit, Lifetime Learning Credit, & Tuition & Fees Deduction

Disclaimer: The information included on this page is not to be taken as tax advise. See the IRS website for specific information and instructions. 
Last updated: 2/7/2017

Not generating Education Credit:

  Qualify for both Education Credit & Tuition & Fee Deduction, and return giving you wrong one.

  The question "How should the system treat the Education Expenses?" is answered "Let the system decide".
  When "Let the system decide"  is selected the return will have which ever amount is greater between the Education Credit or 
  Tuition & Fee Deduction. 
  Note: The calculation is based on the amounts of education credits and deduction alone. It does not include the result these 
  have on the tax return.

  What to do: 
  Select Tax Credit to include Education Credit.
  Select Adjustment to include Tuition & Fee Deduction.

  Return not giving the American Opportunity Credit. (Lifetime Learning Credit has populated). 
  Tax Law Change:
  Beginning Tax Year 2016, the IRS requires information from Form 1098-T be included when claiming the refundable 
  American Opportunity Credit. The nonrefundable Lifetime Learning Credit or Tuition & Fee Deduction any time 
  Form 1098-T information is not included.