Preparer Selector Feature: Changing the Preparer name on a Return

How are Paid Preparer signatures determined on a tax return?

Typically, the first preparer or employee to edit a return will be listed as the Paid Preparer name on the bottom of the tax return. 


  1. Joe Preparer completes a return but does not have eFile privileges.
  2. Joe Preparer notifies Susy ERO the return is ready to file.
  3. Susy ERO reviews and submits the return for transmission.
Given this scenario, Joe Preparer is considered the Paid Preparer on the tax return and his name should be viewable on the final forms.  If Joe's name is not listed on the form then Susy would need to verify his permissions and privileges.

What do I do if I need to change the Paid Preparer name on a return?

The Preparer Selector feature allows for the preparer on a return to be modified before signing and filing the return by choosing from a list of preparers who have entered the return.

  1. Joe Preparer starts a return but leaves the firm before finishing the return.
  2. Randy Preparer completes the return but will not be listed as the Paid Preparer as he was the second Preparer/Employee in the return.
  3. Susy ERO or any employee with the correct priviledges can change the name of the Paid Preparer from Joe Preparer to Randy Preparer using the Preparer Selector feature.

How do I use the Preparer Selector feature to change the preparer on a return?

1.  From the Return Summary Page Click 'Done with My Return'
Return Summary / Done with Return

2.  From the Done with Editing Page, you can modify the Paid Preparer.
Done with Editing

If the return is signed and direct deposit / payment information is entered, the system will only let you change the preparer and file the return at the same time.  You cannot print copies with the new preparer name before filing.  To get a printed copy, preparers will need to open the signature, and not complete that process, then return to the doneWedits page to change the preparer.  After the preparer is changed and the signature is not complete then new pdfs can be printed.  PDFs can also be printed after the signature is completed and before the return is filed like normal.

Can I allow employees or other preparers to change the preparer associated with a return?

Yes, as the account owner you can allow preparers/employees in your organization to modify the preparer on a return based on those preparers who have entered the return.

1.  Access Your Account

2.  Click on 'My Account'

3.  Click on 'Employees'
Dashboard / MyAccount / Edit Employees

4.  Click on the 'Employee' you wish to modify
Employee Listing

5.  Click 'Edit Information'
Dashboard / My Account / Employees / Summary

6.  Scroll down and 'Edit' the Privileges